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Benefits of Getting a Medical Assistant Certification

If you have earned a diploma or an associate degree in medical assistant you are certainly eligible to apply for a job but then you can also consider getting a medical certification. We often hear about certified medical assistants. That is exactly what you too will be called if you get a medical assistant certification.

A medical certification is a professional seal of approval issued by the American Association of Medical Assistants or the AAMA to those who have passed the Certification or Recertification Examination conducted by them. It provides a legal attestation that you have the necessary knowledge to work as a Medical Assistant. You must have completed a degree program in medical assisting from an accredited school offering such courses to be eligible to take the Certification/Recertification Examination. It is also mandatory to complete your externship.

There is no rule or law which states that a medical assistant must be certified. It is perfectly legal to work in any facility, clinic or hospital without getting a certification. Yet, the demand for medical certification is increasing every year. Employees also prefer medical assistants who are certified. The reasons are not very hard to seek.

A medical certification test course prepares you to get better knowledge and skills required to become a professional medical assistant. The exam course is intensive and helps you get a true insight into the duties and responsibilities of a medical assistant. Having a medical certification proves to your prospective employers that you have acquired the necessary skills and training to do the job effectively and competently.

There are immense benefits of becoming a certified medical assistant. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the best jobs will definitely go to the certified medical assistants. They earn more pay per hour than non-certified assistants according to reliable sources. They are more trusted and are given more responsibilities to handle compared to non-certified assistants. This can lead to better job prospects, better salaries and promotion opportunities.

The AAMA recognizes only two accreditations – the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs and the Accreditation Bureau of Health Education Schools. It is therefore important to make sure that the medical assistant training program that you register for is accredited by one of these two agencies.

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Welcome to Medical assistant . Here we are dedicated to bringing you up to date information regarding Medical assisting . If you are thinking about becoming a medical assistant, then you’re going to need to get Medical Assistant Jobs if you want to find the perfect job for you.

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Medical Assistant – The Skills Required to Get a Decent Employme

The demand for medical assistants continue to grow in the US where doctors rely heavily on them to perform tasks such as establishing first contact with the patient, taking blood pressure or medical history and in some cases performing specialized task such as performing requisite tests such as ultra sound or electrocardiography. Their role in a clinic or a hospital depends on their qualification, education background and their specialization in a specific medical field. Very often, they perform clerical as well as administrative roles.

The role of a medical assistant varies and depends on the type of office or clinic you are working for. Office works include receiving patients, coordinating with insurance companies, ordering supplies, maintaining the records of patients and filing of relevant papers on a daily basis systematically. Medical assistants also carry out duties such as assisting physicians in medical procedures, giving injections, instructing patients on medical procedures and making them understand the correct methods of taking medications.

Those desirous of making a career in this field can enhance their skills in computer operations, general office and gain adequate knowledge in the field of biology and chemistry in general and anatomy and physiology in particular. This will give you a head start and the opportunity to get chosen ahead of others when all other parameters of selection are more or less the same.

Medical assistants who get a certification from any accredited association stand a better chance of getting superior employment opportunities and attractive salaries. Salaries in this field depend on a variety of factors. Having additional qualifications and a certification can be a huge positive for your C.V.

Employers also prefer medical assistants who have undergone formal training though it is not at all a mandatory requirement. In any case, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent to be able to qualify for this position. Volunteer experience in the health care field can be the biggest teacher for those interested in a career as medical assistant.

A typical course in training for medical assistants includes training in lab techniques, clinical procedures, medical terminology and the office procedures associated with a clinic or a hospital. If you are good at interpersonal skills that can be a huge advantage as the job of a medical assistant involves working and coordinating with many people on a daily basis at different levels.

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Welcome to Medical assistant coach. Here we are dedicated to bringing you up to date information regarding Medical Assistant Salary . If you are thinking about becoming a Medical assisting coach, then you’re going to need to get Medical Assistant Certification if you want to find the perfect job for you.

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How Much Can You Earn as a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants have an important role to play in the smooth functioning of any health care facility. It is one of the fastest growing careers in the U.S and is projected to grow by a whopping 35% in the coming years. The fact that it is a convenient job to get in and can earn you a decent salary has made it an attractive career opportunity for many.

The salary of a medical assistant is directly proportional to their place of work, their role in the health care organization, their experience and their specialization. Annual salary on an average can range from $23000 to $33000 per annum. When calculated on an hourly basis, the salary can be anywhere between $9 and $19 an hour.

Research done by an independent agency in 2009 indicated that average salaries of medical assistants range from $26000 to $31000 for more than half of the medical assistants working in America. Salaries can vary vastly in public and private medical facilities. It also depends on the size of the company. Those working in a state or government controlled healthcare center draw more salary than those working in a private hospital. Hospital employed medical assistants have an average wage rate of about $14.70 per hour as compared to $14.50 an hour wages earned by those in the private sector.

Once you are firmly settled in the job, the best way to create more opportunities for higher salaries and job promotions is by increasing your knowledge and education in the profession. This is reflected in the figures available for medical assistant salaries published from time to time in medical magazines. An individual with a high school diploma will be at the lowest level of the salary structure, earning just around $9.80 per hour. Someone who has a certificate from a medical training program can earn marginally better at $11.00.

As you gain experience and specialization in the field you salary improves appreciably. Annual salaries of medical assistants who have put in more than 10 years of work in the field are around $26,665 to $35,000. Experienced medical assistants can also get benefits such as sick leave, retirement plans, life insurance, disability insurance and paid vacations. The job of a medical assistant is considered fairly secure as compared to other professions as demand is always more than supply.

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Welcome to Medical assistant coach. Here we are dedicated to bringing you up to date information regarding Medical Assistant Schools . If you are thinking about becoming a Medical assisting coach, then you’re going to need to get Medical Assistant Certification if you want to find the perfect job for you.

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The Role of a Medical Assistant in a Clinic

Medical assistants are an important part of a clinic or a doctor’s office. Their primary role is to ensure that the office of doctors or the medical centers where they are employed runs without any glitches or hindrance. Their role can keep on changing depending on the place where they are employed or the need of the situation prevailing at that point in time.

In small offices or clinics, a medical assistant usually performs a variety of duties both clinical and administrative. In a larger set-up however, where there are many medical assistants at work, they may be assigned specialized tasks. Generally, the job of a medical assistant can be classified as Clerical, Administrative, Clinical and Specialists.

Duties that are repetitive but crucial for the smooth running of a hospital or clinic are often performed by a clerical medical assistant. Their job involves answering or making phone calls, scheduling appointments, checking mails and type memos and letters as dictated by the doctors.

An administrative medical assistant usually handles tasks that pertain specifically to medical therapy and administrative part of it. They handle medical claim forms, manage and update patients’ files, schedule appointments and tests, arrange for admission to the clinic or hospitals and also look after the billing and book-keeping of the clinic.

Clinical medical assistants work according to the laws of the specific state. Their role is more medical related than that of an administrative or clerical medical assistant. Their work includes preparing the patients for diagnosis, taking the medical history of the patient and assisting the physician during the examination. Their role includes explaining the medical procedures to the patient, call pharmacies for prescription, collect samples for lab testing and ensure that all clinical equipments are sterilized properly. Experienced medical assistants can also draw blood, remove sutures and take readings on the electrocardiograms if needed.

Specialized medical assistants are those who have gained expertise in a particular field. Their role in the hospital or clinic signifies their expertise. For instance, a medical lab assistant is expected to perform duties that are lab specific such as testing and documenting species. Those who have expertise in the field of ophthalmology will work in close coordination with optometrists in testing the eyes of the patient, instruction on various aspects of eye care and proper use of eye lens.

Job opportunities for medical assistants are immense and growing every year. With health care facilities expanding rapidly and the enormous growth of outpatient treatment facilities, more jobs are being created for medical assistants every year.

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Welcome to Medical assistant coach . Here we are dedicated to bringing you up to date information regarding Medical Assistant Jobs . If you are thinking about becoming a medical assistant, then you’re going to need to get Medical Assistant Certification if you want to find the perfect job for you.

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Medical Assistant Schools – Provides Specialized Training for Be

Medical assistants schools are in much demand nowadays as the medical profession feels the shortage of trained and certified medical assistants for carrying out various important tasks at both the clinic and medical office. Medical assistants are finding themselves playing an increasingly crucial role in taking care of the patients and administering therapy treatments as well as managing administrative works.

The quality of training imparted in such schools is reflected in the professional manner the medical assistants handle the various tasks assigned to them in major healthcare facilities and hospitals. The best medical assistant training schools focus on many aspects of training that includes health administration, medical transcription, handling laboratory equipments such as sonography and Ultrasound technology. Administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments of patients, organizing information, maintaining medical records and insurance billing and coding and similar administrative tasks are taught at the leading medical assistants’ school in the US.

If you have some experience as a medical assistant and looking for advancement in your career, then there are many advanced courses available for medical assistants. There are for instance many degree and certificate programs that you can consider attending to specialize in certain areas of medical assistance. Courses are available in the area of diagnostic medical sonography, ultrasound, healthcare administration and medical billing and coding programs. Proficiency in these and many other similar areas of medical assistance can help you progress rapidly in your career and expect attractive paycheck and benefits.

If you really want to work at the very top medical facilities in your state and leading hospitals and private healthcare centers, then you can consider enrolling for the American Association of Medical Assistants national certification exam. The label of a Certified Medical Assistant can go a long way in opening up better job opportunities, career advancement prospects and jobs with the best medical assistant’s employers in your state. However, to take the certification exam you must be a graduate from an accredited medical assistant training program. Such types of programs provide training to aspiring medical assistants and help them understand their role in a medical organization better. Training is provided in areas such as human anatomy, first-aid, laboratory techniques, coding and insurance process and of course medical terminology so that they can understand the language of the medical profession better.

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Welcome to Medical assistant Certification . Here we are dedicated to bringing you up to date information regarding Medical Assistant Schools . If you are thinking about becoming a medical assistant Coach , then you’re going to need to get medical assistant training if you want to find the perfect job for you.

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